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A Cock In Her Panties

"OMFG! Jason was shocked! He pulled his hand back and looked at Lola in the eyes. "You've got a penis?" he stammered "A cock?" Lola shyly nodded and sheepishly pulled her skirt up so he could see the bulge in her silk panties. His eyes bugged out, not only DID she have a penis, it was fucking HUGE! She pulled it out of her panties and let it flop against her sweet young thigh. "Want to touch it?" she cooed softly and before Jason could even think about it, he found himself gently stroking the velvety shaft and massaging the throbbing head of her giant cock. "Oh, yes" Lola moaned "That feels SO good, baby"..."

That's all part of the fun when a lucky boy dates a pretty girl and then finds a cock in her panties to play with!


Posted: Thursday 6th November 2008, 12:00 PM

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